Friday, January 13, 2012

I wish.....

I wish
I had wings
Like a pigeon
With golden rings.
An inhabitant of the Ka’aba.

I wish
I could fly,
And occupy
The blue sky
Around the Ka’aba.

I would fly
Praise Allah,
Thank Him
And I would cry
While staring down
At the whiteness
Growing about the Ka’aba.

You would try
To hide your tears
But you too,
Would certainly cry.
While Turning around
With bare feet,
Praising Allah,
Thanking Him,
And Caressing the ground
Of the beloved Ka’aba.


p/s: Rindu sgt2 nak bertandang ke rumah Allah ni. Segan bila byk tempat dh pergi, tp tempat suci ni x smpai2 lg. Allah~
Ya Allah, pilih la aku utk menjadi tetamu-Mu ya Allah~ Ameen..

p/s 2: Cuti winter ni x bole pg jauh2 lagi. Nak kumpul duit pergi sana :)

bait amru,
6.49 pm

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