Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This morning, while we're focusing at the whiteboard, with our Professor of Community Medicine, Dr Suhair..Suddenly, the door is knocked. A young professor, also the doctor from the same department, Dr Omaima entering the room. She smile and asking the permission to hear the lecture together with us and she take the place in the last bench.

The lecture is continued..

It is quite interesting. We learn the types of immunization and their examples.. (we can imagine it as we already get vaccinated since we are small right??)

Basically, our body have active immunization, which is our body produce the antibody formed from the killed organism or live attenuated organism..

and also our body have natural passive Immunity..which we get from our mother through Placenta and Milk.

Then the professor explaining a table about  "Immunization Planning in Egypt According to WHO" at the whiteboard.

while at the same time, Dr Omaima comes to the front and open a file named "Immunization Planning in Malaysia According to WHO, Source from BabyCenter"

She ask the permission from Dr Suhair to explain it to us. Dr Suhair answering with smile.

Unexpectedly, suddenly Dr Suhair comes to us and sit in between us. She smile and said " I want to recall my memory, sitting at this place. Being a student about 40 years ago...."

The class then become speechless. The student looking at each other.

"So sweet...." shout the students simultaneously.

Dr Omaima at the front

** FYI, Dr Suhair was also the Professor for Dr Omaima, when she was a student.

** Can you imagine, what a feeling to see her students, becoming a professor nowadays?? 

** cannot imagine if i`m given the chance to be like Dr Suhair....

p/s; haha...berterabur grammar. this is my first time to write a post in fully english. (usually i`m prefer to write Manglish, hehe) so, any comment?? ;)

bait amru,
3.27 am

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